Wholesale Services for ISPs, Telcos, Service Providers and Hosting Firms

We are the wholesale division of London-based business ISP hSo.

Our services let technology providers link their data centres, connect their networks to the Internet, house their equipment and provide end-users with dedicated connections & broadband.


We offer services in 30 carrier-neutral data centres: 24 in the UK, 3 in Amsterdam, 2 in Frankfurt and 1 in Paris. These are linked by our high-capacity dual-stack network.

We publicly peer Internet traffic with 100s of networks and are members of 5 IXPs.

We can connect most UK locations using a wide range of technologies including FTTC, FTTP, EoFTTC, EoFTTP, and fibre leased lines. We also offer private connections to AWS, Azure and Microsoft 365.

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"hSo have enabled us to expand our product portfolio by building our own network, giving us a real competitive advantage when bidding for enterprise business."

Phil Herring, Sales Director, NTE Limited 

Read how NTE benefited from hSo:wholesale expertise.

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