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DataCentre Connect

Expand your network quickly and cost effectively

A Metro Ethernet service available in all hSo’s on-net sites, by virtue of our running a next-generation MPLS network. All sites feature redundant connectivity over leased dark fibre.

What is DataCentre Connect?

DataCentre Connect, our Layer 2 Ethernet service, gives you a transparent Ethernet circuit between a pair of locations, emulating a direct Ethernet cable between your devices on either end. The connections will pass all Layer 2 protocols such as Cisco Discovery (CDP) and Spanning Tree (STP) as well as your VLAN tags (including your own Q-in-Q or double tagged frames).


•    Expand your network, using DataCentre Connect, to new sites quickly and cost effectively
•    Temporary connectivity between sites 
•    Reduce leased line costs
•    Save on bandwidth costs; compared to using Internet traffic
•    Connect to customers in remote locations
•    Connect to private peering partners in remote locations

Why choose hSo:wholesale DataCentre Connect?

MPLS network/ DataCentre Connect features

Using our MPLS network and data centre interconnects, we offer the following:

No over-contention

Transparent Layer 2 protocol tunneling

Layer 2 protocol and VLAN transparent – Run your own VLAN tags as on your own network with no intervention from us.

Static IPS

Choice of speeds

DataCentre Connect port speeds available: 100Mbps, 1Gbps, 10Gbps.

reverse DNS

Improved network performance

All port speeds support jumbo frames of up to 9000 bytes.


Choice of service

Point-2-multipoint VPLS options available.

Upgrade gradually

Flexible terms

DataCentre Connect is provided on annual contracts by default, with monthly contracts available.

No firewalls or filters

Guaranteed service quality

Guaranteed throughput by virtue of RSVP based bandwidth reservation.

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