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Outsourced NOC

Your networks and IT platforms, professionally managed by our experienced UK-based 24x7 Network Operations Centre

Take the hassle out of keeping things running. Let us monitor your networks & platforms on your behalf, troubleshoot problems, answer support calls and manage service changes.

Why let hSo manage your NOC?


Affordable 24/7 Coverage

It costs a fortune to staff an in-house NOC 168 hours a week. Our service gives you an attractive alternative: just pay for time you need. From just £500/month.


Expertise on tap

We're a business ISP, so monitoring & managing networks is our speciality. We're skilled at managing servers as we have a lot of our own!

VoIP friendly

1st & 2nd Line Support

We provide phone & email support to your team, and if you wish, to your registered end-users too.

Simple to order

Unburden Your IT Staff

Let us take care of the day-to-day support tasks, leaving your IT staff free to focus on more important initiatives, such as delivering major IT projects.


Improve Reliability

Our systems monitor for threshold breaches so we can troubleshoot problems proactively. We can undertake maintenance tasks at times when no-one will notice.

ABC building blocks

Simplify Support

We can be your single point of contact for any networking or platform issue, working with your suppliers on your behalf.

Additional Benefits

Become a Real ISP In Your Own Right

Perhaps you're tired of just referring business to ISPs as their 'partner' or offering white-labelled service over which you have little control. Our Outsourced Managed NOC service can augment your own in-house capabilities, allowing you to broaden or deepen your firm's offering, without significant upfront investment, and without giving up control.       

Systematically Improve IT Service Levels (and Ease Your Path to ISO Certifications)

hSo is independently audited for compliance with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) and ISO 20001 (IT Service Management).  So we have extensive experience at creating & implementing the sorts of processes that are required to deliver consistent, high-quality IT services. If you're looking to improve your IT service levels or to gain the ISO certifications above, working with hSo can help you get there faster.       

Further Cost Savings

Staff wages aren't the only cost of running a NOC. If you ran your own in-house NOC there would be recruitment costs to pay, plus training costs, office space costs, IT costs and management costs. By using our Outsourced NOC service instead, you're able to avoid all these hidden costs.

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