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Our Network

Our core network spans over 30 points of presence. 

hSo:wholesale network map

Points of Presence

  • 23 UK Data Centres
  • 6 Mainland Europe Data Centres
  • Linked by leased dark fibre, wavelength services

External Connectivity

  • Public Peering with 150+ networks
  • Private Peering with Google, BT, Virgin, TalkTalk
  • Private Links to AWS, Azure, Office365 (optional)
  • Upstream Transit from Telia Carrier and NTT

hSo:wholesale Network Overview

  • AS39326 - a dual-stack, redundant, BGP4-routed, MPLS-enabled network
  • Core network spans 30+ PoPs in London, Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam, plus additional UK towns
  • 25 UK PoPs in London, Slough, Reading, Manchester, Woking, Maidenhead, Corsham and Farnborough. 11 are in Docklands.
  • Extensive public peering in London, Amsterdam, Paris and New York with 300+ networks
  • Public peering via LINX, LONAP, AMS-IX, NL-ix, France-IX, Equinix IX Paris and Digital Realty TIE
  • Private peering with the largest UK consumer ISPs: BT, Virgin Media and TalkTalk
  • Private peering with major traffic sources such as Google(operator of YouTube)
  • Upstream transit provided by Tier-1 carriers including Telia Carrier and NTT
  • PoPs are linked by leased dark fibre and wavelength services
  • Private direct connectivity to AWS, Azure and Office 365 (AWS Direct Connect / Azure ExpressRoute options)
  • UK tail circuits via Openreach, BT Wholesale, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, Colt, SSE Telecom, KCOM, Vodafone and others
  • Network can support the use of IPv6, BGP Flow Spec, IP Multicast, among other things

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