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IP Transit

Internet connectivity for ISPs, hosting firms and service providers.
Available in 24 UK data centres and 6 International ones

Delivered via our dual-stack multi-homed network, AS39326.

Why buy IP Transit from hSo:wholesale?

20+ data centres

25 UK PoPs, for Transit

We're in all the right places, including 11 Docklands data centres, plus ones in the City, Slough, Reading, Woking, Manchester, Edinburgh, Corsham and Farnborough. 

Global and Partial

International PoPs

We're in Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam.

Extensive Peering

Extensive Peering

We publicly peer with 100s of networks and are active members of LINX, LONAP, AMS-IX, NL-ix, France-IX, Equinix IX Paris, NYIIX and Digital Realty TIE. We privately peer with major ISPs including BT, Virgin Media and TalkTalk.



We operate our own resilient, high-capacity dual-stack multi-homed network - AS39326. Our automated monitoring systems flag potential problems so we can address them proactively. All our services come with SLAs. 

24/7 expert support

24/7 Support

Our helpful, knowledgeable support team are always on-hand to respond to events and support requests.

Monitored abnormal activity

Monitoring Abnormal Activity

Our systems watch out for abnormal activity and identify potential attacks on customers.

Where we provide IP Transit

Delivery options

BGP Delivery


When using BGP, your routers will be sent a full Internet routing table (a default route may also be originated if required) and your announced address space will be announced to all upstream providers and peers.

We support an extensive set of customer definable BGP community strings allowing you to control propagation of your own prefixes, as well as distinguish the origin of routes we send to you.


  • Extensive BGP Community Support
  • Sessions with multiple routers
  • Control your own network
  • Multiple diverse routes available
  • Short paths due to extensive peering
  • DDoS Protection options

Static Delivery


With a statically routed connection, we handle all routing out to the Internet. This service is perfect for those not wishing to manage their own routers.

For IP addresses, we can provide an assignment of our own PA allocations, or we can originate/route your PI space. RIPE services are available through our LIR including PI and ASN registration.

While all static connections are terminated on a pair of layer 3 devices, multiple physical hand-offs are optionally available for redundancy against switch failure.


  • Plug-and-play – no network experience required
  • As many IPv4 and IPv6 addresses as your RIR grants
  • No routing equipment required
  • Self-healing network
  • Use your own PI space

For physical connection Ethernet, port speeds of 100Mbps, 1Gbps and 10Gbps are supported.

The availability of copper and fibre depends on the site location and the cross-connect distance. Other connection types may also be supported if required (such as E1, DS-3, etc).

IP addressing

All static feed pricing includes both IPv4 and IPv6 assignments, subject to justification, from our PA allocations.

Should you wish to use BGP routing and do not have the expertise in-house, we also offer a network consultancy service and are able to install and maintain networks for you.

As full RIPE members, we can help you apply for your own ASN (Autonomous System Number) and PI (Provider Independent) address space if required. We can also help you to become an LIR (Local Internet Registry).

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