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Colt London Goswell Road

Colt's Goswell Road facility is a large data centre 1km north of London's financial district, the City of London.

Although it's operated by international fibre carrier Colt, the data centre is run on a carrier-neutral basis. The data centre was run by Level 3, which was acquired byCenturyLink, which rebranded as Lumen. Lumen's EMEA companies were sold to Colt in 2023.  

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Colt London Goswell Road Miscellaneous Information

  • Technical space arranged over seven floors
  • Colocation Space: 12,212 sq m
  • Total Physical Space: 25,143 sq m
  • Maximum Site Power: 20 MVA


  • Mains Power: Dual redundant 20MVA, 33kV dedicated underground main feeds, 4 x 11kV supplies from ring supplied from 2 sub-stations.
  • Generators: 4 (5 ultimate) x 4.3MVA and 2 x 2.0MVA diesel driven emergency power generators giving 21.2MVA. Automatic start in less than 1 minute to feed 100% of the facility. Generator fuel for 24-hour continuous operation at 100% load.
  • UPS: 3 separate systems of 5 x 625kVA Hybrid Rotary UPS modules providing 2500kVA output each with N+1 redundancy. 1 system of 5 x 500kVA UPS modules providing 2000kVA total output with N+1 redundancy. Total facility UPS capacity: 9500kVA N+1. 15 minute battery autonomy per UPS module. Dual redundant A&B distribution strategy. Underfloor power track distribution system.


  • 750W/sq m average cooling capacity over the gross space
  • Temperature regulated to below 26 degrees C
  • Humidity regulated overall to 50%RH +/- 20%
  • Technical areas positively pressurised to minimise dust ingress.


  • Minimum floor to ceiling clearance: 2,570mm from top of raised floor
  • 550mm average raised floor height, depending on floor
  • Raised Floor Loading 14kN/sq m
  • Structural Floor Slab: 21kN/sq m
  • 2 goods lifts (maximum loads - 3,950kg & 4,400kg)

Fire Prevention

  • Very Intelligent Early Warning (V.I.E.W.) detection above and below raised floor
  • Smoke extract system at 12 air changes per hour
  • Double interlocked pre-action dry pipe sprinkler system


  • Remote 24x7 security monitoring
  • Full electronic access control system, based on proximity cards with photo and PIN keypads
  • Biometric Palm-scanners in addition for Colocation Areas
  • Locks on colocation suites and cabinets
  • Intruder detection system on escape and riser doors
  • CCTV monitoring and recording of all access points and circulation areas

Building Monitoring System (BMS)

  • Location Operations and Control Centre
  • Network monitoring system with critical alarm repeating to Regional Management Centre
  • 24x7 local monitoring and logging of temperature and humidity conditions and alarms
  • Full perimeter under-floor leak detection linked to building monitoring system

Telecoms Infrastructure

  • Facility is designed to accommodate standard rack/cabinets of 2,200mm nominal height
  • Power distributed under floor
  • Fibre cabling distributed overhead within a managed containment system
  • Copper cabling distributed overhead within a heavy duty racking system
  • The building has three fibre access points

Address and Location

Data Centre Name: 
London Goswell Road
260-265 Goswell Road, London
Lumen Technologies
Former Operator Brands: 
Level3, Level 3, CenturyLink, Lumen

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