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DDoS Protection

Protect Your Network & Customers from Distributed Denial of Service Attacks

DDoS attacks are growing larger, more frequent and more complex as broadband speeds increase and the number of insecure IoT devices rises.

An attack on any one of your customers could adversely impact many of your customers as connections become saturated with attack traffic and your routers run out of RAM and CPU cycles.

Our DDoS Protection service provides a simple way to mitigate the impact of Denial of Service attacks (including DDoS attacks).

Why use hSo:wholesale's DDoS attack mitigation service?


Protect Your Reputation

DDoS attacks are unavoidable. You must have a plan to mitigate them. Or you'll face many unhappy customers and a compensation bill for SLA breaches.


Additional Revenue Stream

DDoS Protection can be offered to your customers as a premium service. Or bundled into your standard offerings to help justify a higher price point.

Industrial-Scale Defences

No firewall, circuit or router can withstand a large DDoS attack. You need industrial-scale traffic scrubbing at well-connected peering locations across the globe.

Best pricing

No Investment Required

There's no hardware to buy. Just pay a fixed subscription fee covering all attacks.

ABC building blocks

Simple Setup

There's no hardware to set up. No firewall rules to set. Your traffic can be diverted through our industrial-scale filtering systems with a simple BGP announcement.


Sophisticated Protection

We can protect you against flood attacks (TCP SYN, UDP etc) and logical attacks (Ping of Death, Local Area Network Denial, Teardrop etc)

Additional Benefits

Human-Led Response

This isn't like email filtering, where pre-written rules result in protection that's a bit hit-n-miss. In the event of an attack, experienced network security specialists will analyse traffic flows and implement attack-specific filtering rules as needed. These maximise protection whilst minimising false positives (innocent traffic blocked by accident).

Transparent Protection

The traffic scrubbing service is inconspicuously by design. When your customers are under attack, clean inbound traffic flows through to your sites/servers unimpeded. Your customers' web site visitors will have no clue that there's an attack going on. The servers won't be feeling the strain, as suspicious requests are blocked upstream before they can reach their target. If traffic to a given IP address is routed via hSo, there's no need to change IP addresses to activate the scrubbing. There's no need to install server plug-ins.

Consultative Approach to Attack Mitigation

The connections we provide are monitored 24/7 for signs of DoS attacks. If we see anything amiss on yours, we'll let you know ASAP and consult with you over next steps. You may want us to unleash the traffic scrubbers immediately. Or wait a short while to see if an attack subsides. For non-distributed attacks, you may prefer us to 'blackhole' certain traffic while you change the IP addresses of attacked hosts to wrongfoot attackers. Our flexible approach helps you stay in control of how your attack is handled.

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