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ADSL Business Broadband

Offer business broadband - without paying for costly carrier hubs

We make it easy to offer your customers broadband powered by the networks of BT Wholesale and TalkTalk Business.

You can pick from several unmetered options, and from metered options designed to suit a range of budgets.

All our ADSL & FTTC broadband services come with 24/7 UK support and a strigent SLA.  

There's no minimum order value. And you don't have to make any sales commitments in order to resell our services.

BT Wholesale Lite Basic Pro
Download (up to) 24 Mbps 24 Mbps 24 Mbps
Upload (up to) 1.3 Mbps 1.3 Mbps 1.3 Mbps
Usage Allowance 40 GB 120 GB 450 GB
Price Call us for details Call us for details Call us for details
TalkTalk Business Lite Basic Pro
Download Speed (up to) 24 Mbps 24 Mbps 24 Mbps
Upload Speed (up to) 1.3 Mbps 1.3 Mbps 2.5 Mbps
Usage Allowance 60 GB Unmetered Unmetered
Price Call us for details Call us for details Call us for details

Choice of Handoff Options

We offer L2TP, managed LNS and Internet handoff options. We don't force your end-users to use hSo-registered IP address ranges or hSo RADIUS servers. You could use your own IP address ranges and your own authentication servers if you prefer.

Metered or Unmetered

Our cheapest wholesale broadband products are metered and come with a generous usage allowance. We also offer unmetered broadband. Our customer portal makes it easy for you to check your customers' usage levels - to ensure you're picking the most appropriate product.

Faster Upload Speeds

We can enable Annex M on most of our ADSL broadband products. This will sometimes lift the 'up to' speed of a broadband connection from about 1.3Mbps to about 2.5Mbps.

Prioritised Phone Line Fault Fixes

Where hSo provides the phone line underpinning the broadband service, we can offer you Enhanced Care and Enhanced Care+ options. If you sign up and the phone line develops a fault, BT's infrastructure division Openreach will try to fix it within a much shorter time window than usual. 

Not Just ADSL

Whatever your end-user's bandwidth requirements, we have appropriate connectivity options. ADSL is enough for some of your customers, but not others. For the latter group, we can provide you with FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) broadband, EFM (Ethernet First Mile), EoFTTC (Ethernet over FTTC) and fibre leased lines (Ethernet over fibre-optic cables). 

Private Broadband

Your own domain and API for Broadband orders

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