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Advanced Network Monitoring

Understand What's REALLY Happening on Your Network

Our web-based network flow analysis service automatically collects samples of packet headers from all your routers & switches then aggregates the data into useful real-time and historical views.

We created the service for our own Network Operations Centre team so that they could instantly tell what was going on with any part of our network. It was so useful, we thought we'd allow other network operators to use it too.

If you're an ISP, a hosting company, a firm that buys lots of IP transit or an organisation that has lots of circuits/devices/sites, this service will be right up your street.

Why get GTFlow Advanced Network Monitoring?

VoIP friendly

Easier, Faster Troubleshooting

Instantly drill down into the traffic flows for any router, IP address, ASN, protocol, interface or any combination of these. View useful historical data in seconds.

Usage Graphs

Detailed Usage Data

Graphs & tables that help you explain to customers what's really happening. How much bandwidth they are really using. How long an outage really lasted.

Capacity Planning

Improve Capacity Planning

Avoid speculatively upgrading under-utilised links. Use historic network utilisation trends to help schedule.your upgrades at just the right time.

Internet Peering

Smarter Peering Decisions

Discover which Autonomous Systems send or receive most traffic to/from your network, so you can prioritise your peering requests and cut your IP transit bills.

ABC building blocks

Intuitive Web-Based Interface

A web-based portal allows all authorised members of your team to see what's going on with any of your customers' networks. No router commands required.

Monitored abnormal activity

Identify Bandwidth Hogs

Find out which customers and network devices are consuming more than their fair share of network resources.

Additional Benefits

No Hardware To Buy, No Software To Purchase

Our system collects data from your existing routers and switches. There's no need to buy expensive network monitoring appliances or costly network-monitoring software. There are no 'per seat' licensing fees. Every authorised member of your staff can access the data simultaneously.

Instant Answers, No Matter How Large Your Network

Our service constantly indexes your data, so whether you have 100 devices or 100,000, you'll get insights in an instant... even if you want it to drill-down into a year's worth of data for your entire network!

Identify Suspicious Network Activity

Our service records flow levels and packet-per-second statistics, learning what's normal for your network. It highlights atypically high levels of use, so you can investigate further. In some cases, there's an innocent explanation. In others, the rise is a warning sign that a server's been compromised or that your customer's employees are using the network for purposes for which it was never intended. An unusually high volume of traffic (or high number of packets per second) could also hint that a given network or device is under attack.

Spot Sales Opportunities

You can use our service's network usage statistics to check whether your major customers are getting close to their network capacity. If so, proactively encourage these customers to upgrade in good time - before they run out of bandwidth.

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