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About hSo:wholesale

Who we are

hSo provides a wholesale service to businesses interested in Connectivity, Voice and Hosting products.

Originally operating as Goscomb Technologies, hSo acquired the company in 2013 and is now operating in the wholesale space as hSo.

With hSo you get product simplicity, ease of access to services via portals, and competitive prices.

Since our inception in 2000, hSo has greatly expanded its wholesale product range and client bases while maintaining a high quality, value service. We’ve built an international network covering numerous locations in London, Europe and the USA.

We continue to invest in our software tools and in our people to provide you with leading services. We’re constantly growing the network through extensive peering agreements and exchange memberships.

hSo's wide range of services spans:

Why pick hSo:wholesale?

Easy to work with

Easy to work with

Our services are user-friendly and accessible. Our Portal gives you the control and visibility you want, via intuitive navigation.

Simple to order

Simple to order

Our clearly defined product range and simple pricing make ordering easy. Let our technical specialists take care of the rest.

Integration in mind

Integration in mind

hSo’s products can be white labelled and are designed to be integrated into your offerings while transparent to your end-users.

Price competitive

Price competitive

Carrier-independent and technology agnostic, we offer wires-only as well as hub-and-spoke solutions for resellers.

Multi-service provider

Multi-service provider

Get a complete solution for your Connectivity, Voice and Hosting needs. Forget dealing with endless different suppliers.

Full choice of operators

Full choice of operators

We work with all major carriers to deliver affordable, flexible and resilient connectivity.

More reasons to pick hSo:wholesale

Financially sound

hSo is in a strong financial position. Our investors are established blue-chip organisations such as Aviva and Canary Wharf Group. We are a stable organisation with a strong credit rating.

Resilience built in

We own and operate our own MPLS core network. We also use multiple carriers, IP transit providers and data centres.

The best technology

hSo is technology agnostic. We can pick suitable, trusted suppliers for each solution.

Technical experts

Our engineers regularly bolster their technical qualifications and are available 24/7 to help you. Their hands-on experience is complemented by certifications including RHCE, CCNP and VCP 5.


Take advantage of our robust platform that’s ready for you immediately. Using over 30 PoPs, we can deliver many terabytes of storage, numerous Gbps of peering and IP Transit, and millions of SIP calls. We also offer Internet access burstability and contract flexibility.

Hear from our customers

NTE Logo

"hSo have enabled us to expand our product portfolio by building our own network, giving us a real competitive advantage when bidding for enterprise business."

Phil Herring, Sales Director, NTE Limited 

Read how NTE benefited from hSo:wholesale expertise.

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