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Fibre Leased Lines

Fast and stable connectivity

As a dedicated connection with no contention, our Ethernet-over-Fibre provides a high bandwidth circuit to connect sites. It provides a layer 2 Ethernet service.

Why choose hSo for Fibre Leased Lines?

Best pricing

High bandwidth options

Up to 10 Gbps. Very wide coverage. Available in many places, including in most places where EoFTTC isn't available.

High bandwidth options

Great prices

Let us identify the best value option at each location, using our wholesale quote comparison tools.

Range of carriers

Carrier choice

Take advantage of all the main UK networks without having to pay for your own carrier hubs.

24/7 support & monitoring

24/7 support & monitoring

Our technical support team is always here, ready to help. Proactive monitoring helps us spot issues before they're reported to us.

Low latency

Low latency

Fibre optic circuits offer lower latency than copper-fibre hybrids like EoFTTC.

VoIP compatibility

VoIP compatibility

Our QoS-enabled network can prioritise VoIP traffic over other less time-sensitive traffic.

Additional Benefits

On all services, we provide Service Level Agreements (SLAs) superior to broadband circuit ones, along with fault response time commitments.

Free installation
Get free installation on contracts of 3 years or more.

Extra Resilience options
If you need enhanced levels of uptime, we can combine multiple circuits as backup, so your customers stay connected even if a problem occurs with your main circuit.

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