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Broadband connectivity

Wholesale broadband with generous usage allowances

hSo:wholesale makes it easy to offer your customers business-grade ADSL/FTTC broadband services.

We deliver proper broadband - with no traffic shaping or site blocking. Our broadband services come with 24/7 UK support.

ADSL Business Broadband

  • Up to 24 Mbps downstream
  • Lower contention ratios
  • Static IP addressing
  • Unmetered

FTTC Fibre Broadband

  • Up to 80 Mbps downstream
  • Up to 20 Mbps upstream
  • Static IP addressing
  • Unmetered

Why choose hSo's wholesale broadband service?

No over-contention

No over-contention

Once a DSL tail is delivered onto our network, there's no contention. We don't over-subscribe our peering or transit links, and we leave ample capacity for all our services to be able to burst.We keep at least 50% available capacity
on any one link, leaving
ample capacity for all our services to be able to burst.

Static IPS

Static IPs

With a static IP, or multiple IPs on some packages, you can run services on your connection while always knowing the address to connect to.

reverse DNS

Set your own reverse DNS

Most packages allow you to set your own PTR, or reverse DNS records, on your IP addresses – letting you When someone sees you connecting to
their service, they will see your own
choice of name rather than a generic one.
choose your own name.



We can provide ADSL, FTTC and Single Order Generic Ethernet Access.
FTTC with no phone line rental.
and options such as An upstream speed boost for ADSLAnnex M, Enhanced Care and Enhanced Care Plus.

Upgrade gradually

Upgrade gradually

Expand your connectivity in line with business growth, without major re-investment. Choice of ADSL, FTTC, EFM and fibre leased lines, to suit all budgets.

No firewalls or filters

No traffic shaping

Unlike other providers, we don't subject our broadband connections to traffic shaping or port blocking. So your customers will enjoy full, unfettered Internet access.

Additional Benefits

Private Broadband

Your own domain and API for Broadband orders

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