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Telstra London Hosting Centre

Telstra is Australia's largest telecoms company. The London Hosting Centre is one of the data centres they have - primary to serve their multi-national clients. The data centre is in Docklands.

hSo:wholesale services available in Telstra's London Hosting Centre

Telstra LHC - Miscellaneous Details

  • Total size of hosting facility: 114,250 sq ft
  • Some sections are Tier II, some sections are Tier III


  • Four independent power sources, delivering 7MW of power
  • Power distribution: 240/415v from UPS output panels to lower power distribution panels
  • UPS systems: All technical power is protected by UPS in N+1 configuration
  • Generators: All essential services are backed up by generators in N+1 configuration
  • Generator power: 8.8MVA capability
  • 25,000 litres of fuel is maintained on-site providing a minimum of 14 hour back-up at full load
  • Power delivery to colocation area: Dual power feeds from N+1 UPS feeds
  • Diesel generator backed up supply: Yes
  • Power feeds per cabinet: 2
  • Standard IEC power outlets available for customer use: 1 x 20 IEC C13 outlets from metered PDU A
    1 x 20 IEC C13 outlets from metered PDU B


  • Patrolling security guards
  • CCTV cameras throughout the site
  • Zoned access control via access-card readers
  • Intrusion detection


  • Cooling provided by multiple down flow units
  • Down flow units. In-row cooling. Hot-aisle containment with in-row cooling.
  • Nominal cooling available: Equivalent to power supplied per rack
  • Aisle configuration: Hot and cold aisle configuration

Address and Location

Data Centre Name: 
Telstra London Hosting Centre
6 Greenwich View Place, London
E14 9NN

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