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Redcentric London Data Centre

This data centre, known for many years as 'City Lifeline' is located about 100m east of London's financial district, the City of London. The company that operates the facility was acquired by Redcentric in January 2016.

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Redcentric London Data Centre Overview

  • Established: 1993
  • Tier: Built to Tier 3 standards of resilience and reliability
  • Total Space: 2,600 sq m (28,000 sq ft)


  • Floor Loading Capacity: 250Kg / sq m maximum, and can be increased substantially with suitable secondary steel load spreaders
  • Floor specification: Technical areas have fireproofed raised access floors with a typical floor void of 0.3m or 0.5m
  • Slab Height: 4.0m on Ground Floor, 3.5m on first, second, third, fourth floors
  • Configuration: Multiple individual technical areas, of a variety of sizes
  • Elevation: 21m above river level


  • Manned Security: Manned 27/7 by trained and qualified security guards
  • Physical Access: Two building entry points, both covered by manned Security. Remotely-operated roller shutters front and rear, controlled main entrance and car park access. All fire exit doors locally and centrally alarmed
  • Visitor Control: Visitors are required to sign in and out and are issued with area-controlled and time-limited biometric fingerprint access
  • Access Control: Biometric fingerprint access to all technical areas, backed up by digital key-locks where necessary
  • Movement tripwires: Separate and independent infra-red movement detectors covering all external areas and access points
  • CCTV: Advanced high-resolution colour CCTV with electronic tripwires and movement alarms covering all external areas and common areas such as reception and stairwells. Long-term image retention for retrospective and evidential analysis


  • Mains Feed: Dual fully-redundant 2N feeds from on-site sub-station, fed through resilient ring architecture; two on-site 11,000 volt substations; 3MV available
  • Generating Plant: Four fully-redundant 1000kVA or 500kVA generator set in 2 x 2N configurations. Each set comprising MTU 30-litre or Perkins low-emission diesel engine, all with Stamford alternators. Mains failure monitoring, generator fault monitoring, automatic switchovers
  • Generator Test Regime: Weekly functional testing, monthly full switchover with building running for one hour minimum from generating plant only
  • Fuel Autonomy: Approximately 4 days continuous running. 14,500 litre diesel storage tank on site. Priority replenishment contract in place
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies: Six independent Chloride or Riello UPS sets, each at 2N redundancy. Double-stringed battery installations on each half of each pair
  • UPS Autonomy: 15 minutes at full load, all sets
  • UPS Test Regime: Weekly automated battery discharge test for each battery string. Manufacturer's real-time monitoring, alarming and reporting systems
  • Power Service Delivery: Single-fed (power from one UPS pair through one distribution channel); OR Double-fed (power from one UPS pair through two distribution channels); OR Dual-fed (power from two independent UPS pairs through two independent distribution channels)
  • UPS Test Regime: Weekly automated battery discharge test for each battery string. Manufacturer's real-time monitoring, alarming and reporting systems
  • Rack Current/Power Allocation: In common areas - 2 amps (and approximately 0.5kW) to 32 amps (and approximately 7kW) per rack. In private suites - to customer specification
  • Power Types: 240 Volt AC, UPS and generator backed; 240 Volt AC generator backed only, 48 Volt DC, generator backed
  • Monitoring: Remote monitoring of electrical parameters to Web and to Tech Support


  • Cooling Technology: 100% DX Direct Expansion
  • Cooling configuration: Modular systems, using hot aisle / cold aisle containment, with overhead evaporators feeding cold aisles
  • Cooling Redundancy: 2N in common areas, private suites to customer specification
  • Heat Rejection: External condensers at rooftop level
  • Setpoint Parameters: 22 degrees C at RH 50%
  • Cooling per rack: 7kW max, 4kW average
  • Monitoring: Remote monitoring of environmental parameters to Web and to Tech Support

Fire Detection and Suppression

  • Building Detection: Full building coverage with multi-zone detection and multi-zone alarms to central Security
  • Detection Technology: VESDA, with both optical and ionization elements in technical areas
  • Detection Location: Ceiling height above rack level and under floor below rack level in technical areas
  • Suppression Technology: Gas suppression using FM-200 in common areas, private suites to customer specification
  • Alarms: Local VESDA alarms with remote repeaters to central Security

Telecommunications Links

  • Carrier neutral data centre
  • Fibre entry points: three. Two at the front of the building, one at the rear

Address & Location

Data Centre Name: 
Redcentric London Data Centre
Lifeline House, 80 Clifton Street, London
Former Operator Brands: 
City Lifeline

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