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Equinix LD10

LD10 is a data centres in Slough run by Equinix. It was formerly run by data centre operator IO before being acquired by in early 2017 and added to Equinix's pre-existing cluster of Slough data centres consisting of LD4, LD5 and LD6.

LD10 is smaller than the others (4,000 square meters of data centre space) but originally had a lot of room for expansion, with Equinix expected the number of sold cabinets at the facility to rise from around 350 to around 3340 once the facility was completely built out.

There was a change of plan in 2019, when Equinix did a deal with Singapore's sovereign wealth fund, GIC, to establish a joint-venture catering to hyperscale cloud operators. LD10 was sold to the joint venture, with part of the facility leased back to Equinix for normal [non-hyperscale] customers. Much of the additional capacity planned for the LD10 site will now be used for the big public cloud providers and labelled as data centre LD13x.

This means LD10 won't have as much capacity growth as had been expected. But it also means tht LD10 will be next door to one or more hyperscale cloud providers so ideally located for certain hybrid cloud setups. 

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Data Centre Specifications

  • Physical Site: 19,870 sq m, 4.91 acres
  • Total Space: 10,405 sq m, 112,000 sq ft
  • Data Centre Space: 4,057 sq m, 43,670 sq ft
  • Structure: Two-storey office & single-storey production
  • Construction Material: Steel & Reinforced concrete
  • Exterior: Steel framed building structure with coated steel exterior walls and roof. Reinforced concrete slab

Power Systems

  • Core Power: 20MVA (Phase 1)
  • Power Backup: Up to (7) 2.5MW diesel generators
  • Power Conditioning: Modular UPS deployed in 1.3 MVA increments

Cooling Systems

  • Cooling: Closed loop chilled water & direct air
  • Leak Detection: Spot leak detection inside module
  • Humidification: Yes
  • Piping: Welded bi-directional design

Modular Capacity

  • Total Slots: 90
  • Modules Installed: 11
  • Slots Available: 79 <-- This figure was provided to us in February 2017

Access Control

  • Access: Control booths
  • Security: Staff onsite
  • Operations: Staff onsite


  • Carrier neutral
  • Diverse meet me rooms
  • Fibre Access: Three diverse fibre entry vaults with 4 ducts in each, divided into 8 sub ducts

Address and Location

Data Centre Name: 
Equinix LD10
13 Liverpool Rd, Slough
Former Operator Brands: 
Associated Labels (past and present): 

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