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Equinix LD1

This data centre is expected to be closed, so we will not be accepting any new customers here. We will be moving existing customers to alternative data centres.

LD1 is a data centre very close to London's financial district, the City of London. It's about two minutes walk from Moorgate tube station and five minutes walk from Liverpool Street station.

Liverpool Street station will soon have a major Crossrail (Elizabeth Line) station, so come December 2018, this already central location will be even easier to reach. The underground Crossrail station is so large that it will reach all the way to Moorgate, around 2 minutes walk from LD1.

This makes the land far more valuable. The building owner has understandably decided to bulldoze the fairly bland 9 storey building that contains LD1 and replace it (and two neighbouring buildings) with a shiny new 27 storey skyscraper, with 3 floors below-ground. Assuming this plan goes ahead, LD1 will be closed.

The data centre used to be known as IXEurope, prior to being acquired by Equinix.

Data Centre Name: 
101 Finsbury Pavement
Former Operator Brands: 
IX Europe
Associated Labels (past and present): 

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