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Equinix MA1

MA1 is a data centre in Manchester run by Equinix, who gained it on acquiring its former operator Telecity.

The data centre was original built for the University of Manchester, who spun it out under company Internet Facilitators Limited (IFL). IFL was acquired by Telecity which was itself acquired by Equinix.

The data centre is in Manchester Science Park. There are two L-shaped buildings: Williams House and Kilburn House. MA1 runs through both.

Unit 3, Williams House, Manchester Science Park, Lloyd Street North, Manchester
M15 6SE
Former Operator Brands: 
Associated Labels (past and present): 
Kilburn House


LDeX2 is a new data centre in Manchester that went live in 2015. The data centre is very close to Manchester United's stadium, Old Trafford, around a third of a mile to the north west of the stadium.

Unit 6, Waterside, Trafford Park, Manchester [Royal Mail writes Trafford Park, LDeX writes Trafford Wharf Road]
M17 1WD
Associated Labels (past and present): 
London Data Exchange

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